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Long-term Care Options

Weigh Your Long-term Care Options

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Long-term Care Options

Long-term care options are designed to provide care for people who are unable to conduct their normal self-care routines due to old age, disability or an advanced medical condition. Approximately 60 percent of people may require long-term care at some point during their life. There are various environments where this activity can occur, and there are also different systems designed to pay for these services. Most plans combine skilled care with custodial, or semi-skilled, personal services.

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Skilled care requires the supervision of a licensed medical professional. Custodial care is given by a person who is not professionally licensed, but this caregiver is always trained to provide treatments safely. The cost of care is often determined by the types of services needed as well as the facilities where these services occur. For example, out-of-home care is often necessary for individuals with serious medical conditions, but in-home care is often appropriate for people who simply require assistance with basic tasks.


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Home Health Care Options

Home health care services are designed for people who need help with basic grooming and daily activities. This includes a variety of services. For example, some providers may allow caregivers to do shopping, snow removal, laundry, cooking or even home modifications. One of the most important aspects of in-home healthcare is caregiver training, which may include taking blood pressure or using a medical help system.

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Assisted Living Options

Skilled care is often provided within a qualified nursing home, and this means that Medicare will cover the costs. An alternate care facility provides assisted living services, but it does not meet the qualification for a skilled nursing facility. Obtaining a bed reservation is often required for admittance into a long-term care facility, but the specific details vary depending on the institution. 

Respite care services are used by caregivers who need to take time off from the responsibilities of providing daily care to an elderly or disabled family member. Adult day care also provide temporary care in conjunction with other institutions like skilled nursing facilities, medical outlets or home care agencies. These services can allow the primary caregiver to have some time off for work, relaxation or other responsibilities.

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Paying for Long-term Care

Paying for care is usually a top issue for family members. Some insurance policies provide a rider option for an alternate plan of care, which may also cover durable medical equipment. However, this option is only available in some states. Additionally, a waiver of premium fee allows the insured person to avoid paying premiums after experiencing an injury or disability. The inflation protection rider is also a popular option when planning long-term care because it protects the policyholder against price increases in medical supplies and services. This option is usually only available upon request.

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